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"Gordon provides a highly professional service and is always a pleasure to work with."

James Elias, Managing Director,

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What Do I Do?

The services that I offer are outlined below. They range from the high-level ('designing information architecture') to the detailed ('editing copy'). Unsurprisingly, I don't always have time to do all of the things listed myself, so I have a number of associates with whom I work when necessary.

Web Site Design

  • analysing website requirements
  • reviewing clients' existing websites (or those of their competitors)
  • specifying information architecture
  • developing site structure and navigation
  • designing the site's 'look and feel' and individual page layouts

Web Site Development

  • creating content management systems
  • writing and editing web content
  • building and testing websites
  • ensuring sites meet accessibility requirements and guidelines
  • hosting websites

Interface Design

  • reviewing interfaces to existing applications
  • preparing the overall visual design for interactive applications
  • designing icons, graphics and screen layouts
  • mocking-up interactive features
  • creating style guides for implementation teams
  • usability testing

Other Stuff

  • developing off-line materials (eg business cards, brochures)
  • commissioning foreign language translations of website content
  • creating interactive CD-ROMs
  • photo research and commissioning photography and illustrations

Gordon Cowtan - Interactive Media Developer


t: +44 1360 860342